Flower Cart Bouquets, Behind the Scene Tips


Flower Cart Bouquets, Banner Flower Farm

Here at Banner Flower Farm, we have sold flower cart bouquets on and off for years

and we shall share some insight into this process.

Flower Cart Bouquets, Banner Flower Farm





Have you ever wondered about the pros and cons of selling your cut flowers off from a flower cart?









Flower Cart Bouquets, Banner Flower Farm



Of utmost importance is to either secure a busy traffic area or to promote your flower cart bouquets through marketing your commodity of offering fresh cut flowers straight from a working flower farm.

We have found both of these avenues to advertise work successfully and word of mouth travels fast! Everyone loves the ambiance of driving by a flower cart wagon filled with a range of color.

Do not worry about the honesty of your customers paying for their bouquets off from your flower cart. Simply attach a secure money box and display a sign with a price for your cut flower arrangements.

Flower Cart Bouquets

Sometimes you may count your money at the end of the day and your tally may be over or under the amount corresponding to the number of flower bouquets set out for the day.

But its all good because you will have some patrons pay a dollar or two short and other times some of your visitors to your flower cart stand give you an extra tip for their bouquet(s).

So you see it all works out in the end. Matter of fact, we have had customers come back and pay leaving a short heart- touching notes of explanation.

For example, we received a lovely letter expressing gratitude of thanks for our beautiful flowers saving the day. An elderly lady was on her way to a funeral for a loved one and did not have the funds to buy a flower bouquet and simply took one off from our flower stand. Weeks later, she expressed her eternal gratitude and slipped her money into her note. It is these types of experiences that shall bring you a true sense of satisfaction.

Okay. Let us get to the basics of how to sell your flower cart bouquets besides the aspect of actually having a flower cart, gaining a clientèle, and collecting your money.


Flower Cart Bouquets. mason jars



TIP #1 – Stock up on containers and vases to sell your cut flowers and keep an extra supply on hand. We prefer to use mason jars. Although us, Banners, have been known to get creative. Sometimes we shop at yard sales, flea markets and thrift shops. Another perk is that we have had our loyal customers drop off boxes and grocery bags filled with their own surplus of vases or to simply return their mason jar.


Flower Cart Bouquets Preparation






TIP #2 -Take the time to make your flower cart bouquet the previous evening, so you are not in a panic upon waking up in the morning in a rush to get your flowers out for all your potential flower buyers on their way to work and miss sales.






Flower Cart Bouquets

TIP #3 – Of course, you will need to keep an eye on your cart during the course of the day to replenish your supply. We like to start out with between 8 to 10 bouquets and refill as the count dwindles down to 4 arrangements. During our peak growing season, we have been known to place up to 20 to 30 bouquets.

Flower Cart Bouquets, coffee







Otherwise, you may need some morning coffee and donuts to get your motivation going.


Flower Cart Bouquets, wagon bouquets




TIP # 4 – James Banner, the Flower Farmer created an inventive way to help transport the dahlia bouquets from the cooler prep shed area to the flower cart stand. Here are some images to get a glimpse into how he carved out some circles into a piece of a wood and attached it on top of a wagon.  


Flower Cart Bouquets, mini bouquet collage










We shall get into the aspect of actually creating bouquets with flower choice selections and include an article written by Patricia  Banner – the Flower Farmer’s wife, which was a big hit when published years ago for any readers who have not had the chance to read and learn about this skill in an upcoming post.



For those that enjoy videos, Banner Flower Farm put together a short but captivating clip highlighting some of our Flower Cart Bouquets on YouTube.

Feel free to ask any questions or share your experiences and insights.

Banner Flower Farm 2016 Dahlia Tuber Selection

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