Flower Patchwork Quilt

flower patchwork quilt, flower farmer club

How many of you have made

a flower patchwork quilt?




I image (like myself) when you come across certain flowers, they remind you of special people who have crossed your path in life and touched you deeply. When these type of dear memories flash before us with such cherished sentiments, it brings a warm fuzzy feeling of love.  I felt compelled to to create a collage of colorful flowers after reading this touching poem by Julia M. Swift from her book of poems, Field Flowers, written in 1874.

WARNING – Be prepared after reading this beautiful poem tears of joy will come to your eyes … sigh.




THE patch-work quilt! a relic old,
Of years long past away;
And as, once more I here behold

Its patches, quaint and gay,
My thoughts revert to childhood’s hours,

When Nellie, Kate, and I
That patch-work sewed, in blocks and flowers,
In happy days gone by.

My eyes suffuse with sudden tears,
As each familiar patch

Recalls the home of childhood’s years:
Its high-peaked roof of thatch,
Its spacious, pleasant, breezy hall,—
We played there many a day.
Now of that dear home circle, all
But I have passed away.
My mother’s dear familiar face
And ever willing hand,
I, in this spotted muslin trace,

And seem to see her stand
Beside the little garden-gate

Beneath the lindens cool,
Where for her little ones she’d wail,
To welcome them from school.
Dear sister Nellie sweetly smiles
From out this calico,
And all her little winning wiles

In memory seem to glow.
This piece of pink most fondly speaks

Of roguish brother Ned,
With saucy dimples in his cheeks,

And mischief in his head.
This little blossom-colored square
Recalls sweet baby Rose,
With bluest eyes and golden hair,

And funny little nose;
But angels came the child to take,
And bore her from our side; * .
We thought our hearts would fairly break
The day the baby died.
This dainty piece with roses bright
Belonged to sister Kate,
The maddest, merriest-hearted sprite!

Yet bitter was her fate:
Her trusting heart she freely gave

To one who faithless proved;
We laid her in an early grave,

For, oh! too well she loved.
Here, cousin Lida’s pretty form
In this gay patch I see,
And little May, with heart so warm,

In this comes back to me.
She went away to foreign land,

Across the ocean foam;
And left our little household band

To grace a princely home.
Now, dear old grandmamma so kind,
With glasses on her nose,
In this dark piece of brown I find —

And oh! how memory glows.
Yes, yes! methinks I see her now,

So patient, sweet, and mild;
Soft silvery hair and placid brow;
She soothed each wayward child;

And from the pockets of this dress
Brought forth some treasured prize,
Which seldom failed to soothe distress,
And dry all weeping eyes.
I thought no other child possessed

A grandma so divine,
Or that no other home was blessed

So bounteously as mine.
Oh, what a happy day was that
The merry “quilters” came,
And sewed, with gay and pleasant chat,

Around the quilting-frame.
And, oh! the laughter and the fun,

When eve the beaux had brought,
The joyous dancing was begun,

With mirth and music fraught.
And many other bits recall
Full many a former friend,
And loving memories of them all

In fancy fondly blend.
All scattered o’er the world so wide

In many different climes;
Some in the blessed land abide,

Dear ones of former times!

flower patchwork quilt, banner flower farm

Okay, Bet you had to get the tissues out. Yet, who could not agree that these vintage illustrations of flowers with their vast array of colors, shapes, and sizes by Chester A. Reed captures the spirit and sentiments that go into the details of so many flower patchwork quilts!

Now you can see why I could not resist in making a flower patchwork quilt or visual images from Reeds, 1910 book, Wild Flowers East of the Rockies there are close to almost 100 sketches of colorful illustrations from not only his own personal collection of flowers and herbs that he fondly gathered with his sister, but also some fine examples of plants borrowed on loan from the Worcester Natural History Museum.

It is here from this ancient antique drawings taken off the dusty bookshelf that I bring to you dear readers to enjoy his achievements brought back to life in these flower patchwork quilts with his fine details of nature up close and personal for all flower lovers to enjoy.

I am sure you agree that these vintage illustrations of flowers with the vast array of colors, shapes, and sizes by Chester A. Reed capture the spirit and sentiments that go into the details of so many flower patchwork quilts! 


flower patchwork quilt, banner flower farm


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